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DBT Skills Training Groups for Adolescents.

DBT Skills Training Groups are structured much like a class, meet weekly for 1.5 hours over the course of 24 weeks and are designed to equip clients with concrete strategies to the improve quality of their lives. The participation of at least one caregiver is required. Group teaches the following skills:

Mindfulness Skills – to help clients become more aware of their inner experiences, thoughts, urges and emotions, set aside judgment , and become more alert to the present moment.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills 
– to teach clients skills to be able to ask for what they need and saying no in a more effective way, to manage interpersonal conflicts skillfully, to feel good about themselves when doing so, and to build more meaningful, gratifying and lasting relationships.

Walking the Middle Path Skills
– to teach participants ways to better understand one another’s point of view, promote greater communication, and encourage the use of effective behaviour management techniques.

Emotion Regulation Skills 
– to provide strategies for increasing emotional awareness, managing extreme emotions, decreasing emotional vulnerabilities, and changing unwanted emotions.

Distress Tolerance Skills
– to equip participants with effective strategies for withstanding crises, managing stressful events and accepting things in their realities they cannot change.

In addition to Skills Training Groups we encourage participants to receive individual therapy and family therapy with their caregivers.


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