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Family Counselling/Therapy

We define Family Counselling/Therapy as the therapeutic relationship between a psychologist/therapist and at least two members of an immediate or extended family. The goal of Family Therapy is to increase the quality of life of each individual member within a family unit. Two adults sharing a multifaceted relationship of friendship and/or intimacy, or who are boarding together will be considered a couple and therefore will be serviced within a couples therapy format. A family in our view is not necessarily a unit of individuals joined by common ancestry, birth, marriage, or any other conventional bonds. We find that many people who care for one another deeply often consider themselves a family.

Some of the most common issues we deal with are:

Chores and responsibilities related issues

Divorce and separation

Communication difficulties
Extended family difficulties

Blended family issues
Financial problems
Religious and faith related issues

Multicultural issues

Caring for a family member with mental health/medical health issues


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