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Psychological Services and

DBT Centre of Red Deer

​​​Some clients who seek our services are very familiar and comfortable with the process of engaging in a therapeutic relationship. For many, however, the process is new and therefore could be intimidating. We would like to provide some information that will make it easier for new clients.

Intake interview: This is usually done during the first session. A psychologist will explain our services, client rights and responsibilities, will gather demographic information, and help to identify therapy goals. Typically, clients are encouraged to work toward their treatment goals after the formalities are taken care of and the therapeutic relationship has been established. An intake interview can be also done by phone.​ 

Intake interview with candidates for the DBT program: In addition to the regular intake interview process, candidates for the DBT program will be asked to fill out a screening tool designed to identify if the program is appropriate for them. Individuals who qualify will also be required to fill out a pre-treatment questionaire. 

Videotaping of sessions for individuals who participate in the DBT program: All DBT Skills Training Group sessions will be videotaped. Videotaping can only be done with written consent from each group participant; therefore, a consent form is provided during the intake interview. It is a requirement of the DBT program. 

Ukrainian and Russian speaking clients: We have one therapist who is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. 

Parking: ​All street parking is free after 5:00 pm and on weekends.

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